Oct 11, 2017

METS cluster program launch

METS cluster program launch METS Ignited general manager industry implementation Ian Dover at the Mackay launch.

A pilot METS Ignited program to foster industry collaboration was launched in Mackay this week.

The Bowen Basin Cluster Program sees METS Ignited providing $500,000 through its Collaborative Project Fund to encourage local Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies to collaborate with their customers to progress business opportunities.

This money will be matched by the Queensland Government.

“We are proud to be launching the Bowen Basin Cluster Program in Mackay for it is a recognised home to METS companies with a long history of developing innovative mining solutions for local and international customers,” METS Ignited general manager industry implementation Ian Dover said.

“The program will assist the development of industry clusters of suppliers and customers as it will bring together METS companies with complementary areas of expertise to collaborate to solve mining company challenges.

“In a clustering business model, our local METS companies share experience to better understand how collaborating can deliver more value to their customers, in this case the mining companies in Australia and overseas.”

Resource Industry Network manager Adrienne Rourke said representatives from about 20 different businesses had attended the launch event.

“We’re happy the Bowen Basin was recognised for the pilot program as having the capability in the METS sector,” she said.

“This is certainly an opportunity for some businesses to progress along with some ideas.

“It’s about bringing businesses together that could add value in different ways to expand the opportunity, but also engaging a  Tier 1 or a mining house in that process, so there’s a much larger benefit.”

Applications for the cluster program can be made through www.metsignited.org and close on October 30.

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