Jun 25, 2018

Massive foundations for 200m wind turbines

Massive foundations for 200m wind turbines

Nacap Australia is well advanced in pouring the concrete foundations for  wind turbine generators at the $160 million Kennedy Energy Park at Hughenden.

Nine of the 12 WTG foundations are now in place, using 20,000 tonnes of concrete, 808 tonnes of steel reinforcing and 7500 tonnes of sand. Each foundation will support a 200m high wind turbine.

“Actually laying the foundations for our WTGs is a ground-breaking milestone,” Nacap president Matthew O’Connell said.

“The pouring starts at 3:30am – the coldest time of the day to assist the cement to cure properly. This process takes between 8-10 hours for each foundation.”

Building each foundation involves the excavation of more than 3610 tonnes of earth, the use of 1680 tonnes of concrete and more than 67 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

The project will combine 12 wind turbines, 55,000 solar panels, and 4MW of lithium Ion Tesla battery storage to produce up to 60MW of renewable energy.

The Kennedy Energy Park is being developed by Windlab and its equity partner Eurus Energy Holding Corporation of Japan, with construction jointly managed by Vestas and Quanta.

It is using 12 Vestas V136, 3.6MW turbines at a hub height of 132ms; the largest wind turbines yet to be deployed in Australia.

Thirty-six wind turbine blades, each about 70m long, and other cargo for the project arrived at Townsville this month.

“The arrival of the blades in Townsville, and now soon with the transportation to Hughenden, will quickly realise the completion of this fast-tracked project,” head of Vestas Australia and New Zealand, Peter Cowling, said.

“Delivering and installing the largest blades in Australia demonstrates Vestas’s approach to bringing cutting edge solutions to Australia.”

There are plans for a second stage development known as Big Kennedy at the Hughenden site to provide up to 1200MW of wind energy.

Project facts:
• 58,000 man hours have been worked onsite since January 2018
• 2,000 litres of fuel per day is being consumed
• 40,000 tonne of road base has been laid
• Local proprietor, Windmill Café projects 1900 breakfasts and 2700 lunches are being consumed
• Other local establishments have supplied over 5000 dinners

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