Feb 09, 2018

Major roads projects roll out for Cairns region

Major roads projects roll out for Cairns region Intersection of the Bruce Highway (Ray Jones Drive) and Lyons St, Cairns

A raft of Department of Transport and Main Roads works – the Cairns Significant Projects – is rolling out in far north Queensland over the next five years.

Bruce Highway-Cairns Southern Access Corridor—Stage 4: Kate St to Aumuller St

Construction of this $135 million project expected to begin mid 2018, with completion forecast for mid 2021.

Jointly funded on a 80:20 basis by the Federal and Queensland governments, this project extends north from Kate St to Aumuller St near the Port of Cairns and wharf precinct. It includes extra lanes for a 2.3km section, widening the Bruce Highway from four to six lanes.

At Chinaman Creek, the northbound bridge will be removed and replaced with a new three-lane bridge. The existing southbound bridge will be widened to three lanes.

Works will also include upgrades to the Lyons St and Aumuller St intersections, with additional turning lanes to improve traffic flow.

An average of 133 direct jobs will be supported over the life of the project, according to a department spokeswoman.

Smithfield Bypass project

The $152 million Smithfield Bypass project, funded by the Queensland Government, is on track for construction to start late 2018, with completion forecast for late 2020.

The project scope in the concept design includes:

  • bypass route continuity between the Captain Cook Highway (CCH), at Yorkeys Knob Rd Roundabout and McGregor Rd Roundabout
  • upgrading Yorkeys Knob roundabout with a signalised intersection to cater for the addition of the bypass route traffic
  • northbound left-off only exit ramp from the bypass route at Cattana Rd
  • upgrading the Cairns Western Arterial Rd (CWAR) roundabout with a signalised double right turn from CCH onto CWAR
  • exit and entry ramp to the proposed future designated road at the northern end of the bypass route connecting to McGregor Road
  • two-lane overpass at McGregor Rd roundabout
  • wide centre line treatment for improved safety
  • an off-road cycle path.

The department estimates an average of 115 direct jobs will be supported over the life of the project.

“We are working with two shortlisted tenderers, through an early contractor involvement process for the project,”the spokeswoman said.

“This allows the tenderers to collaborate with us and propose ‘value for money’ innovations and changes to the concept design during the preliminary design phase.

“At the end of the process, there will be two submissions, with the successful party being awarded the design and construct contract.”


Bruce Highway – Cairns Southern Access Corridor – Stage 3: Edmonton to Gordonvale

A total of $481 million has been committed to this project, jointly funded on an 80:20 basis by the Federal and Queensland governments.

Construction is expected to start mid to late 2019, with completion forecast for mid-2022.

The 10km duplication project, extending the four-lane highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale, is expected to support an average of 466 direct jobs over its life.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads spokeswoman said an industry briefing session was held in Cairns in August with civil construction and engineering industry representatives on tender processes and opportunities for local businesses during the construction of the Cairns Significant Projects.

More information about proposed major roadworks, tenders and contracts can be found on the TMR webpage at www.tmr.qld.gov.au/business-industry/Business-with-us/Tenders-and-contracts


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