Sep 18, 2018

Macmahon marks milestone CAT 793 delivery

Macmahon marks milestone CAT 793 delivery

Macmahon has taken delivery of the world’s 5000th new CAT 793, with the 227-tonne mining truck joining its Byerwen project for QCoal in the Bowen Basin.

The company said the CAT 793 would be part of a new fleet of 19 trucks over the coming months to work alongside one 800-tonne and two 670-tonne excavators.

The model has been in production since 1991 and truck number 5000 represents the fifth generation of the 793. It arrived last week.

Macmahon chief executive officer Mick Finnegan and project manager Dave Scott, check out the new CAT at Byerwen.

Hastings Deering managing director Dean Mehmet said the milestone was unique because Caterpillar data showed production figures for the truck far exceeded the manufacture of any other brand of 250-ton (227-tonne) size class truck.

The very first 793 truck, placed in service 27 years ago,  was still in service, he said.

It has accumulated 173,000 operating hours and works in a mine in the United States.

“Hastings Deering is also celebrating a milestone of its own – 70 years as a Caterpillar dealer and it is wonderful to be part of the ongoing success of smart iron,” Mr Mehmet said.

“We have seen so many changes with mining machinery over the decades: not just function and look, but huge advances in technology. As technology changes it is important not only for manufacturers to embrace it but interpret and adapt that technology to work across all industries.”

More than a hundred 793F trucks – the most recent generation – now operate via Command for hauling, Cat’s autonomous truck operations system,  as interest in autonomous haulage continues to grow.

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