May 09, 2019

Mackay gears up for Go Galilee Basin rally

Mackay gears up for Go Galilee Basin rally Mackay Mayor Cr Greg Williamson at the first rally.

Resource Industry Network (RIN) is calling on the community of Mackay to support the ‘Go Galilee Basin’ community rally.

The weekend event was a chance to send a big message to those who seek to be in power after May 18, the group said.

RIN General Manager Adrienne Rourke said the risk of losing Australia’s leading export industry was not something they were willing to sit back and ignore.

“If our staple industry is denied a future, we will start to feel the impacts immediately. If we don’t act now, and in a very loud manner, we are at risk of being the ones who will have to live with the legacy of non-action,” Ms Rourke said.

“We are encouraging everyone to challenge what they hear and read, especially when it comes to reducing global emissions and the use of water in mining.

“If you want to reduce global emissions, then we need to ensure we are using the best coal in the world, which is found right here. You don’t turn off the best coal in the world if you want to reduce global emissions because that means other markets seek to find lesser quality coal as a substitute, therefore increasing emissions.”

It follows a rally in late April, co-inciding with the Stop Adani Convoy’s Central Queensland visit, when Mackay Mayor Cr Greg Williamson told the crowd he wasn’t happy about outsiders arriving “on our patch and telling us we can’t do what currently supports 60 per cent of our regional economy”.

Mackay rally details


WHERE: Mackay Regional Council Precinct (grassed area in between the MECC and Artspace)

WHEN: Saturday, May 11, 2019 TIME: 9:30am

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