Jan 15, 2020

London calling for Wagners’ Earth Friendly Concrete

London calling for Wagners’ Earth Friendly Concrete The first pile using Wagners' Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) was installed in London this week.

A Queensland geopolymer concrete is being trialled in London for a 900mm diameter, 25m deep anchor pile.

Toowoomba-based Wagners’ Earth Friendly Concrete is being used at a Keltbray Group site at Landsec’s Nova East, London Victoria project.

Wagners Group technical manager John Day said the pour in London this week was another great example of the progress the company had made with its technology.

“…It is extremely rewarding to be here in Central London batching Wagners EFC for customers that realise the benefit our product has to offer,” he said.

“It’s impressive to see businesses such as Keltbray and Capital Concrete with the foresight to innovate and reduce carbon emissions and we’re glad Wagners EFC is part of that journey.”

Keltbray is undertaking the trial of the EFC concrete mix in conjunction with further ongoing trials associated with their Innovate UK funded HIPER pile project.

EFC uses a geopolymer binder system based on the chemical activation of industrial waste by-products flyash (from coal-fired power stations) and slag (from the production of steel).

Wagners says concrete produced through this process significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to concrete produced with ordinary Portland cement.

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