Jan 22, 2019

Land ahoy for Australian Mines at Greenvale

Land ahoy for Australian Mines at Greenvale Australian Mines has bought 13 acres of land at Greenvale to house workers from the nearby Sconi mine.

Australian Mines said today it had shown its ongoing commitment to the Sconi mine by buying more than 5ha (13 acres) of land in nearby Greenvale.

In a statement to the ASX, Australian Mines said the land at Greenvale was located just 10km from the Sconi project and its purchase was part of the company’s commitment to establishing a residential workforce based near the mine.

“From the outset of this project, Australian Mines has remained steadfastly committed to the Sconi project operating with a predominantly residential workforce, with minimal use of fly-in fly-out workers,” the company said.

“This acquisition of freehold land in Greenvale marks the first tangible example of the company’s commitment towards achieving this objective.

“In addition to the construction of new housing and other community social infrastructure including a medical facility in the town, Australian Mines is committed to investing significant funds towards upgrading the region’s existing public infrastructure, such as water, sewerage, roads and airport, in close consultation with the Greenvale community and the local government.”

Australian Mines expects the Sconi cobalt-nickel-scandium project to create at least 300 full-time jobs over the next 20 years.

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