Apr 02, 2019

Komatsu adds might to ‘intelligent’ dozer line-up

Komatsu adds might to ‘intelligent’ dozer line-up

Komatsu has released its first mining machine fitted with integrated Machine Control – the D375Ai-8 “intelligent” dozer.

The D375Ai-8 also has applications in quarrying and heavy construction projects.

The 72.9 tonne dozer is powered by a US EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified Komatsu SAA6D170E-7 diesel rated at 455 kW in forward gears, and 558 kW in reverse.

Komatsu Australia mining product manager Michael Hall said the iMC version of the dozer could carry out bulk and final trim dozing in fully automatic mode from start to finish.

While this is Komatsu’s first mining machine fitted with integrated Machine Control, the concept has been successfully used on its smaller and mid-sized dozers across Australia and New Zealand over the past three years.

“This will deliver major benefits to mining operations across the board, whether in bulk overburden moving, chasing thin or narrow seams, for mine infrastructure works, for stockpile management, or in rehabilitation projects,” Mr Hall said.

“Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control is another step on the path to fully autonomous dozer operation.

“In addition, this technology offers significant safety benefits in stockpile applications with a remote control-ready option available.”  

Komatsu’s intelligent dozer technology is also readily integrated with its SMARTCONSTRUCTION offering, which combines drone-based survey and site management systems and cloud-based information offerings to design, plan, construct and manage mining, quarrying and construction operations.

“When Komatsu released our first intelligent dozer, the 20 tonne D61EXi/PXi-23 construction dozer in 2014, the technology was described as fully scalable to other machines in our dozer range,” Mr Hall said.

“We proved this with the release of three additional iMC dozers in 2016, and now we’ve extended the technology to our mining-sized D375Ai-8.”

Brief specs of the D375Ai-8 are: Operating weight, 72.9 tonnes; powered by Komatsu SAA6D170E-7 engine rated at 455 kW (net) in forward gears, 558 kW (net) in reverse; blade capacity, 18.5 cu m (semi-U), 22.0 cu m (Full U), fully integrated Komatsu factory-fitted intelligent Machine Control (iMC) system.

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