Jun 21, 2019

July release for battery proponents

July release for battery proponents

A feasibility study underwriting the proposal for a battery factory in Townsville is due for wider release at the end of July.

The Queensland Government, which is supporting the study with a $3.1 million grant, will have the document first, said Senior Development Manager at Boston Global, Jason Shepherd.

The project proponent, Imperium 3 (iM3), is an international joint venture led by Boston Energy and Innovation, Magnis Resources and Charge CCCV LLC.

They were bringing all the threads of the document together, said Mr Shepherd.

“We are planning to get the first draft to the state government by 15 July,” he said. “We’re then allowing two weeks to address any issues coming out of the document. We’re then looking to release it at the end of the month.”

The project includes a 15 GWh lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility in Townsville and is expected to create 750 jobs in high technology manufacturing. 

Ausenco is overseeing process development for the proposed plant and the GHD office in Townsville is overseeing site development and building design. 

In previous statements the company said the study to date was confirming the suitability of Townsville in large-scale manufacturing because of factors including market proximity to rapidly growing Asian economies and the logistical benefits of easy access to Townsville Port and local availability of battery materials and precursors.

The manufacturing facility would be able to produce either 250,000 car batteries per annum or one million home battery units or support 300 microgrids to power small towns, the statement said.

iM3’s scoping study established local content opportunities to be in the order of $300 million across a range of items including labour, power, fuel, security and logistics.

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