Dec 17, 2018

Innovation adds to life of landfill

Innovation adds to life of landfill The Rockhampton Regional Council has been able to extend the life of its Lakes Creek landfill site by 40 years.

A clever solution has allowed the Rockhampton Regional Council to extend its Lakes Creek landfill site for another 40 years.  

The ‘piggy back’ extension project will see 12 new landfill cells built on top of the existing landfill over coming decades, with the first cell ready to accept waste in the first half of next year.  

Waste Committee chairman, Councillor Neil Fisher, said final capping and beautification of the original landfill area was now under way.

“This waste disposal solution is a fantastic result for our community and it will allow us to expand the lifetime of our landfill by an additional 40 years, which means our residents have the convenience of using a world-class waste facility close to the urban area for a long time to come,” Cr Fisher said.

“The first cell will hold 180,000 cubic metres of waste, or two years’ worth, before it is full.

“We will then move on to the second cell, which will be built in the next two years, and we will continue this process until all 12 cells have reached capacity.”

Cr Fisher said the ‘piggy back’ solution also had a range of environmental benefits.

“The new ‘piggy back’ cells will use the latest technology in lining systems to ensure that the liquid that is generated as waste decomposes and is captured and will not enter the environment,” he said.

“It includes a layer of natural clay, a layer of synthetic clay and a layer of 2mm thick plastic liner. 

“These layers, combined with geotextiles and stone aggregate as a drainage medium, allow this liquid to be captured and treated.

“Landfills also produce methane gas as part of the decomposition of waste, and by using proven technology, this gas is captured and used in a way to produce electricity once viable.”

A green buffer is also being established, with 2400 native trees recently planted along one kilometre of the frontage and entrance to the facility.

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