Mar 08, 2018

Industry snaps up graduate engineers

Industry snaps up graduate engineers JCU head of engineering Daniel Christie with honours student Nicoline Thomson. Photo: Bethany Keats, JCU Media

There is more evidence of strong demand in the north’s civil engineering sector, with James Cook University graduates in the field snapped up by industry.

The 24 civil engineering and 13 electrical engineering graduates finishing in 2017 had all found jobs related to their discipline, JCU said.

Across all engineering disciplines, more than 90 per cent of the 73 students graduating this week had found a job or were moving to postgraduate education.

JCU head of engineering Daniel Christie said that in some disciplines, the demand for 2017 JCU engineering graduates outstripped supply.

“The demand for engineering graduates has always been strong,” he said.

“Improvements in both the national and regional economies is driving a higher demand for graduate engineers, which is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

“JCU Engineering has always prided itself on producing job-ready engineering graduates who are truly valued by industry.”

The Bachelor of Engineering students graduating from JCU today include students with majors including civil, chemical, mechanical and electrical Engineering.

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