Dec 04, 2019

H-E Parts wins Glencore radiator contract

H-E Parts wins Glencore radiator contract

H-E Parts has secured a one-year agreement  to supply and service radiators for Glencore’s mobile equipment fleets across 24 coal sites in Australia.

The contract has the provision for a 12-month extension and includes all ancillary mining equipment as well as prime production mining truck, excavator and drill rig fleets, H-E Parts says.

The contract will be managed by H-E Parts Mining Solutions Cooling Division branches.

“Through historic and ongoing service delivery as well as continuous product engineering innovation, our COR Cooling™ product and service lines have advanced to be a market leader,” Mining Solutions vice president Ashley Hams said.

“The ability to supply application-specific cooling systems to our mining and industrial customers working in some of the toughest conditions in the world, has demonstrated the engineering and quality prowess that H-E Parts has become synonymous with.”

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