Feb 11, 2020

GroundProbe extends slope monitoring range with Agilis

GroundProbe extends slope monitoring range with Agilis

GroundProbe has extended its Slope Stability Radar (SSR) range with the quick set-up, self-contained SSR-Agilis.

The vehicle-mounted SSR-Agilis is designed to be operational within minutes in active areas of mine sites, ensuring the safety of work crews working under high-risk slopes.

“This new system is purpose built for tactical monitoring; a fully-mobile and completely self-contained model of the industry’s most trusted and well-respected technology,” GroundProbe chief executive officer Brian Gillespie said.

The company says the tested and proven SSR-Agilis system is already being used in mining operations.

It is a self-contained unit, requiring no Wi-Fi, site communications or mine power to conduct monitoring, and features a range of warnings and alerts – local, remote and personal – to ensure evacuation in the shortest possible time if movement is detected.

It employs 3D Real Aperture Radar that provides unique measurements that are less susceptible to contamination, crucial for safety-critical monitoring in high traffic work areas. 

“In high-risk active areas with heavy machinery and limited deployment options, pixel independence is crucial,” GroundProbe vice-president of technology Lachlan Campbell said.

“To say it simply, with a 3D dish-radar, if the beam is pointing at the wall it measures the wall, and when it is pointing at a truck only that one pixel is affected.

“With Synthetic Aperture Radar like our SSR-SARx or others in the market, a truck can contaminate a much broader area, which is why we didn’t choose SAR for this application.”

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