Mar 29, 2018

Green light for $583m island resort

Green light for $583m island resort

The planned $583 million redevelopment of the Lindeman Island resort has been given the green light, with approval of the project’s environmental impact statement.

State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Minister Cameron Dick said the state’s independent Coordinator-General had approved the redevelopment project, expected to see the island regain its place as a premium eco-tourism resort after it was severely damaged during Cyclone Yasi in 2011. 

“This first stage is predicted to contribute $480 million to the Mackay region’s and $620 million to the state’s economy during this period,” Mr Dick said.

During construction the White Horse Australia Lindeman development is expected to create 300 direct full-time equivalent jobs on average on Lindeman Island and up to 420 direct and indirect jobs in the broader Mackay region.

“The development includes 169 villas, 136 suites and 20 apartments across 5 and 6-star resorts and tourist villa precincts, together with restaurants, a golf course, airstrip and improved marine access with construction taking approximately three and a half years,” Mr Dick said.

“The completed resort is expected to generate $100 million annually to the Mackay region’s economy and will create 300 direct full-time equivalent jobs on average on Lindeman Island and up to 460 full-time equivalent direct and indirect ongoing jobs in the Mackay region.”

Mr Dick said White Horse Australia would be required to ensure minimal clearing was undertaken during construction and would revegetate previously disturbed areas and restore degraded habitats.

“We want tourists to enjoy the pristine habitat of the island, so the completed resort will utilise only around a fifth of the island with the undeveloped portion remaining the Lindeman Islands National Park,” he said.

The proponent says that construction is expected to commence in 2019.

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