Jul 16, 2020

Fresh future planned for quarry site

Fresh future planned for quarry site

A former quarry site may be transformed in to a world-class tourism attraction as Toowoomba Regional Council lays the groundwork for its reuse.

The council plans to set up a Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to do something spectacular in the old quarry site which would bring thousands of visitors to the Toowoomba Region every year,” Mayor Paul Antonio said.

“While we may still be in the very early stages of this long-term project, you only have to look at an area like Queens Park to appreciate how important it us for to do the groundwork now.

“Our early pioneers had the foresight and vision to set aside this piece of land in Queens Park and after many years of continued investment by Council and other levels of government, we now have a world-class park. This is the same opportunity we have with the quarry gardens.

“We’ve seen a number of examples across the world at how successful quarry garden projects can be, but it’s important we lay the proper foundation to do this.”

The terms of reference for the Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee will go before a council meeting next week for approval.