Nov 13, 2019

Fly ash applications investigated at CQ forum

Fly ash applications investigated at CQ forum

A Rockhampton forum will explore how the by-products from burning coal may be used in a range of regional development projects.

Capricorn Enterprise has joined forces with industry groups including the Ash Development Association of Australia (ADAA) to consider the extended use of ash.

Capricorn Enterprise regional economic development manager Neil Lethlean said he was keen to keep conversations going in order to care for natural environment through circulation and efficient use of materials.

“The Ash Development Workshop scheduled for Thursday this week has evolved from ‘base line’ industry discussions earlier in the year relating to the supply and use of local materials across a broad range of regional projects including highway construction and upgrades, the proposed Rockhampton ring road, construction of Rookwood Weir plus associated infrastructure (roads and bridges), Defence projects at Shoalwater Bay and the massive Clarke Creek Wind Project,” Mr Lethlean said.

Mr Lethlean said the workshop followed meetings with senior personnel at Stanwell Corporation’s Stanwell Power Station.

“The workshop will involve key personnel from a number of related groups such as the Australia and Asian Ash Associations, Queensland Department of Main Roads, Stanwell Corporation, plus local industry,” he said.

Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) – commonly known as “fly ash” and “furnace bottom ash” – are by-products of the inert solid materials produced when coal is burned to generate electricity.

ADAA chief executive officer Craig Heidrich believes there are many good reasons why the 12 million tonnes of CCPs generated annually should be viewed as mineral resources which can be used in traditional construction applications.

“Applications including concrete, roads and soil amendment incorporating CCPs have been proven to outperform products made without it,” Mr Heidrich said.

“Using CCPs conserves finite natural resources, saves energy and reduces associated carbon emissions contributing towards an efficient circular economy”.

A technical tour of the Stanwell Power Station will be conducted prior to the formal workshop at The Empire Resort Hotel Conference Centre on Thursday morning (November 14).

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