Nov 13, 2018

Fitting tribute for Moura’s miners

Fitting tribute for Moura’s miners

Five years of hard work by Moura Progress Association members came to a fitting conclusion when the town’s Miners Memorial was officially opened last Saturday.

Association spokesman John Hempseed said about 600 people attended the opening of the memorial, dedicated to those miners who had died in workplace accidents.

“It was a fantastic day for the town,” Mr Hempseed said.

“We thought it would be a big day and it certainly was.

“We were delighted with how everything went.”

It was, he said, a poignant day for those who had lost friends or relatives in mine accidents.

“It was a day of reflection for all those who attended, I think,” Mr Hempseed said.

“It was a very moving day for everyone, particularly those who did have a friend or relative killed in a mine accident.”

Mr Hempseed said the comments from many of the people who attended indicated that the committee had got the memorial just right.

“It took five years of hard work, but it’s well worth it when people make comments like ‘it was well worth waiting for’ or ‘you have done well here’,” Mr Hempseed said.

He said the memorial also had the potential to be a major attraction for visitors to Moura.

“Some of those people who couldn’t attend said they would definitely be making the trip to see the memorial at a later date,” Mr Hempseed said.

“I can see it being an important attraction for Moura.”


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