Aug 19, 2020

First Gladstone LNG to Chile

First Gladstone LNG to Chile

Australia has just shipped its first LNG cargo to Chile.

EnergyQuest siad the cargo was transported aboard the Sevilla Knutsen (pictured) from the Shell-operated QCLNG project at Gladstone. QCLNG cargoes generally go to China and Japan.

The tanker Sevilla Knutsen docked at Quintero, Chile on August 15 after a 24-day voyage of more than 13,500 nautical miles. Quintero mostly imports LNG cargoes from the Atlantic Basin.

In 2019, it imported cargoes from the US, Trinidad Tobago and Equatorial Guinea. Energy Quest chief executive officer Graeme Bethune said a cargo from Australia was unusual and showed the degree of over-supply in Asia.