Feb 19, 2019

Feathers fly over review

Feathers fly over review Early works at the Carmichael coal site.

Adani Mining has rejected the findings of a report from an external review of its Black-throated Finch Management Plan for the Carmichael coal operation.

It has described the document as ‘an anti-Adani lobbying document, dressed up as science’.

“To say we’re disappointed in the final version is an understatement. The Department (of Environment and Science) has ignored the feedback that we provided to them last week on the plan and has not addressed the issues we raised,” the company said in a written statement today.

“The final report still contains false and inaccurate statements about the management plan, including hysterical claims on local extinction, which directly conflict with the scientific advice the Queensland and Australian Governments have relied upon to date.

“We reject the report and its findings in their entirety.”

The department has hit back at the miner, saying it was provided with a copy of the draft BTFMP review report last week and was also offered an opportunity to meet with the expert panel who were writing the report – which they refused.

“On February 15 the chief executive officer Lucas Dow advised the Department of Environment and Science that ‘We do not consider that there is any need to provide our comments on the Draft Report to the authors of that document,”a department spokesman said.

“It is disingenuous for Adani to suggest that their feedback on the draft was ignored when in fact they explicitly said that it did not need to be considered by the panel.”

The company had previously stated concerns about the review being led by Prof. Brendan Wintle, saying he led an organisation with individuals who had made anti-coal, anti-mining and anti-Adani statements in the past.

“We remain committed to advancing our project and to this end we will continue to work with the Queensland Government so that these plans can be concluded and we can get on with delivering the thousands of jobs our project will deliver,” the company statement read.

“One thing is for certain – we’re not going anywhere. We’re committed to the regions. We’re committed to providing desperately needed jobs. We’re committed to delivering the Carmichael Project for regional Queensland.

“The Queensland Government keeps shifting the goal posts for Adani. We are simply seeking a fair go.”

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