Feb 23, 2019

Exhibition captures harsh early history of CQ towns

Exhibition captures harsh early history of CQ towns An exhibition opening next month explores the early history of Clermont, Blair Athol and Copperfield in Central Queensland.

A new Clermont exhibition paints a picture of a brutal and harsh existence during the mid-19th century minerals and metals rush in Central Queensland.

Laced with murder mysteries and stories of brutal cultural clashes, Towns of Minerals and Metals is the latest instalment from the Clermont Historical Centre.

Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker said the exhibition focused on the towns of Clermont, Blair Athol and Copperfield and the accidental discoveries of gold, coal and copper.

“Three towns, three natural resources in gold, coal and copper. Minerals and metals are what made us,” Cr Baker said.

“Clermont was founded on the site of a gold rush which sparked on the banks of Diggings Lagoon in 1861.

“Copperfield was founded on the discovery of pure copper in that same year, and the discovery of coal in 1864 led to the establishment of the township of Blair Athol in the early 1890s.

“This exhibition is centred on stories of the townships, how they came to be and the juxtaposition between the affluence and the hardships.

“It incorporates stories that are centred on each resource, gold, copper and coal, and subsequently the towns that are centred on them.”

The exhibition features digitised imagery and includes three displays, tools including Aboriginal artefacts, photographs and other items of historic significance.

Towns of Minerals and Metals will open at the Clermont Historical Centre on March 6.

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