Nov 03, 2018

Excavators headed down electric avenue

Excavators headed down electric avenue

Cummins and Hyundai Construction Equipment have jointly developed an electric powered mini excavator.

“As electric vehicles continue to expand their share in the automotive market, we are simultaneously seeing the electrification of commercial power systems being pursued by many as both an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable solution for construction equipment,” HCE senior executive vice-president said D. S. Kim said.

“HCE anticipates mini excavators, which operate in urban workplaces close to residential areas, will be a prime candidate to electrify to meet zero-emission and low noise requirements in the near future.”

The 3.5-ton excavator developed with Cummins is designed to operate for a full eight-hour shift and charge in under three hours. It contains eight BM4.4E modules connected together in a series string to provide a total energy of 35.2 kWh.

The prototype machine will be used for testing to optimize the performance, prove the structural integrity and enhance the marketability.


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