Feb 05, 2021

Demag adds new all-terrain crane to its range

Demag adds new all-terrain crane to its range

The new Demag AC 80‑4 offers versatility, with its 60m main boom and compact design.

The company says the launch of the new model was prompted by the success of its previous 80-tonne crane, the AC 80-2.

“The worldwide success that this model had showed that there’s significant interest in a crane with this kind of lifting capacity. In fact, a large number of customers kept confirming this time and time again,” product marketing manager Michael Klein said.

“That’s why we decided to add the AC 80-4 to our product portfolio in the segment of up to 100 tonnes.”

The company says no other crane in the class of up to 100 tonnes comes close to its lifting capacity with a fully extended boom up to a radius of 30m. The AC 80‑4 can lift a 5.4 tonnes at a radius of 14m. With its main boom extended to 50m, at a radius of 10m it can lift 9.7 tonnes, which is 2.2 tonnes more than the next most powerful competitor.

If the main boom length of 60m is not enough, the reach can be expanded with a 6.5m main boom extension that can be offset by 25° and 50°.

Its capacity is 23.8 tonnes, meaning that it can be used to lift heavy loads over obstacles.

The AC 80-4 boasts a compact design, with nearly all of its dimensions shorter than those of other four-axle units in its class. Its total length is 12.15m, the carrier length is 10.60m, its height does not exceed 3.85m, and the front overhang is 1.49m.

“Together with its width of only 2.55m, our AC 80-4 is better suited for tight work sites than any other crane in its class,” Mr Klein said

Features include the new Demag Surround View, making it easier for crane operators to position the AC 80-4.

This patented system uses the four crane cameras to show a computer-assisted diagram of the possible outreach of the outriggers, as well as the counterweight tailswing radius at the crane’s current location.

The AC 80-4 also comes with the Demag IC-1 Plus control system, which calculates the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle. This means that the maximum available lifting capacity can be used with any outrigger configuration, including asymmetrical ones.

In addition to the IC-1 Plus control system, the crane is available with the IC-1 Remote telematics solution, which makes it possible to remotely read and diagnose all important crane data and enables owners to integrate the AC 80-4 into their fleet management system.