Dec 19, 2019

Delivery day for Townsville’s new stadium

Delivery day for Townsville’s new stadium

The newly named Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville has reached handover after a build of more than one million construction hours.

The $293.5 million venue is now in the hands of owner Stadiums Queensland.

Queensland Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni gave credit to the Townsville tradies and apprentices who had worked onsite since July 2017.

“A project like this comes around once in a generation in regional communities and the army of North Queenslanders that have delivered this sporting monument on the Ross River can be rightly proud of what they have achieved,” Mr de Brenni said.

He said finishing touches like appliances, signage and landscaping would be completed before February’s Open Day celebrations and events.

Fast facts:

  • Since July 2017 the equivalent of more than one in every one hundred people in Townsville has been inducted to work  – a total of 2,065 workers on site.
  • Tradies have been on the job for an equivalent of one person at work for 616 years or a total 1,110,374 construction hours over the course of the project.
  • The new cutting-edge playing surface has already been mowed 12 times and is expected to be trimmed ready for installation in January.

Townsville City Mayor Jenny Hill said work continued on the complementary Townsville Waterfront Promenade project co-funded by Townsville City Council and the State Government.

The Queensland Country Bank Stadium (formerly North Queensland Stadium) is a joint project of the Queensland Government, Australian Government and Townsville City Council, and is supported by the National Rugby League and the North Queensland Cowboys.

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