Aug 22, 2020

CS Energy signs up for Warwick solar power

CS Energy signs up for Warwick solar power

CS Energy has signed an offtake agreement to purchase a proportion of the renewable energy produced at the University of Queensland’s 64 megawatt Warwick Solar Farm.

Energy generated by the project is used by UQ to offset its own energy needs, with any surplus being sold into the market – a portion of which will now be supplied to CS Energy.

CS Energy chief executive officer Andrew Bills said CS Energy was excited to be adding further renewable energy to its portfolio to support customer requirements.

“Our supply agreement with the Queensland Government includes a renewable allocation as well as energy from CS Energy’s thermal generation assets,” Mr Bills said.

“We’re proud to offer these kinds of tailored energy solutions to our customers and support the Queensland Government’s target of 50 per cent renewable energy generation by 2030.”

The Warwick Solar Farm utilises low impact solar photovoltaic technology to generate around 160,000 MWh of clean energy every year.