May 29, 2018

CQ surf park construction ramps up

CQ surf park construction ramps up The liner of the entire lagoon is close to completion and the deep channels are being prepared for concreting.

Construction work has gathered pace on Australia’s first surf park, with those behind the project expecting it to be operational by mid-July.

The Surf Lakes project near Yeppoon in central Queensland will provide world-class waves to keen surfers all-year round.

Spokesman Wayne Dart said while wet weather had delayed some work on the project, construction was again proceeding on track.

“At this stage, the aim is to have the lake in operation in about six weeks,” Mr Dart said.

“At the moment, the machinery required to house the central wave-making device is being installed upon the foundation, which has been laid in the centre of the pool.”

Mr Dart said Surf Lakes founder and managing director Aaron Trevis and executive director Chris Hawley, who both have extensive engineering backgrounds, were overseeing construction.

A wave-generating cylinder manufactured in Victoria before being trucked to the site.

“The biggest challenge so far has been the weather,” he said.

“Obviously with wet, muddy conditions, it hampers the ability to effectively move around the site and also affects the ability to complete the lake liner and more.

“Now that we are moving into a drier period of the year, we are moving ahead and have an aim to have waves breaking in July.”

As part of the project, large cylinders used to generate waves have been manufactured in Victoria and transported by road to the site.

When completed, the lake would be used as a demonstration model to entice potential “customers”,” Mr Dart said.

“We will be bringing them to the site to show them just how awesome the waves will be,” he said.

“We are looking at a model where people/companies will pay a licence fee to tie up a stated region.

“Surf Lakes then constructs and maintains the lakes for them and it is up to the licensee to determine surrounding development opportunities and, in turn, determine best practice for managing the use of the lake.”

Mr Dart said the company had had about 100 enquiries from potential licensees around the world.

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