Sep 28, 2020

CQ drilling company gear goes under the hammer

CQ drilling company gear goes under the hammer

A refurbished Sandvik DK75S rig is proving a major drawcard in an upcoming auction of equipment from Blackwater-based drilling company Tallywalker.

Pickles Mining is auctioning a range of equipment on behalf of Tallywalker receivers/managers KordaMentha.

The lots include two Sandvik DK75S rigs (one refurbished), a Sandvik UDR1500 rig, Boart Longyear Hyd power pack, Tatra 8×8 support truck, fuel trailer and a Komatsu forklift.

The auction also includes casing and jack-up cradles, as well as workshop plant equipment such as industrial crimpers, welders, a welder positioner set, air compressors, mud factory, dust collector and a breakout bench.

Pickles Mining general manager Steve Wall said the recently refurbished drill rig was attracting the most interest, but he expected other equipment including the forklift and workshop items to sell very well.

“The market at the moment is red hot. We just can’t get enough gear to satisfy the market,” he said.

All items in the Tallywalker sale can be viewed at Blackwater, except the support truck – which is in Cloncurry.

The online auction is due to start Thursday, October 8 at 9am and bidding will close Thursday, October 15 at 1pm. (More HERE)