May 17, 2019

Cowboys back coal jobs campaign

Cowboys back coal jobs campaign

The push to develop the Galilee Basin has racked up more points on the scoreboard, with the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys getting behind the cause.

The club has formally pledged its support for the immediate opening of the coal province, joining forces with Townsville Enterprise and other local business leaders.

Townsville Enterprise Chairman Kevin Gill welcomed the high-profile support.

“The Cowboys are North Queensland’s strongest and most recognised brand. To have their support, standing united with us on the immediate opening of the Galilee Basin, is a strong sign that this not about politics, this is about jobs for North Queensland,” he said.

Cowboys chief executive officer Jeff Reibel said that consultation with the club’s members and partners had been an important step in the process.

“North Queensland has a diverse economy. The agricultural, mining and tourism sectors are all of vital importance to the region and its economy, and the Galilee Basin development is not a simple issue,” he said.

Cowboys chief executive officer Jeff Reibel

“We recognise that the development is important for future jobs in our region, and also recognise that the interests of different sectors of the economy are not always in alignment.

“We consulted with our stakeholders, including our members and partners, to seek their views on the proposed development. Of those who responded, 89 per cent supported the Galilee Basin development.

“The Cowboys support jobs for North Queenslanders, and we pledge to support ventures that help support North Queensland’s future.”

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