Sep 18, 2018

Council keen to tap into aquaculture

Council keen to tap into aquaculture

A new lease of life could be in the pipeline for the West Rockhampton Treatment Plant, with the potential for it to be converted into an aquaculture precinct.

The WRTP has reached the end of its life and is currently being decommissioned, which means all waste flow will soon be diverted to the more effective South Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Rockhampton Regional Council has been working with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to determine potential sites in the region for aquaculture development and the council has identified the treatment plant as a possible location.

Mayor Margaret Strelow (pictured) said reusing the existing infrastructure would allow for a potential re-engineering project to provide for a sophisticated tank-based aquaculture system.

“Decommissioning the site will leave us with ponds and concrete tanks which may lend themselves to an aquaculture farm, potentially breeding fingerlings to support the restocking of our local barramundi or higher-valued saltwater species,” Cr Strelow said.

“With its close proximity to the barrage, the site already has power and access to both fresh water and salt water, which is essential infrastructure for any aquaculture development.”

Cr Strelow said an aquaculture farm could also include education, research, hatchery, grow-out and processing facilities.

“The site could play a vital role in the development of our aquaculture industry to educate residents, provide fingerlings to other aquaculture developments and produce a significant amount of product for local, domestic and international markets,” she said.


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