Mar 01, 2019

Council adds to innovative waste solution

Council adds to innovative waste solution Rockhampton Regional Council is refining its approach to storing waste.

Rockhampton Regional Council has taken environmental sustainability a step further by refining an innovation introduced last year at its Lakes Creek landfill site.

Last year, the Piggy Back project extended the lifespan of the landfill site for another 40 years by adding additional cells, with each cell capable of taking 180,000 cubic metres of waste.

Waste committee chairman, Neil Fisher, said the council was now making the Piggy Back project more environmentally sustainable by using recycled materials in the cells.

“It’s really important that each of the cells has an excellent lining system to ensure liquid, that is generated as waste decomposes, does not enter the environment,” Cr Fisher said.

“This lining needs to be protected when the cell is initially filled to ensure sharp waste doesn’t damage it, and part of that protection would usually be provided by screened sand supplied from the local area.

“However, our Waste and Recycling team will instead be taking glass from our local recycling facility after it has been crushed into tiny particles, similar in size to screened sand.

“This means we will be using 100 per cent recycled materials rather than taking sand from the natural environment.”

Cr Fisher said that the use of sand wouldn’t stop there.

“As we build more cells we will also use the processed glass in their construction, meaning that the glass from our recycling plant will be put to good use right here in Rockhampton for the next five to 10 years,” he said.

“We are also working with our civil operations team to see if the material can be used effectively in some of their projects.”

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