Apr 05, 2019

Company tackles liquid contamination crisis

Company tackles liquid contamination crisis

A Perth company believes it has found the solution to what it describes as a national contamination crisis.

National water management and environmental services firm, Pumps United, said liquid contaminated by toxic chemical per-and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) could be treated and turned into safe water with a new treatment system.

Pumps United said it had engineered a treatment process that remediated PFAS contamination and delivered clean water that exceeded human drinking standards by approximately 500 times.

High levels of PFAS exposure has been linked to types of cancer, hormonal disorders and immune dysfunction.

Over 90 airports, defence bases, firefighting training facilities and industrial sites around Australia are suspected of having local water supplies contaminated with PFAS, presenting a major community health risk.

Pumps United’s PFAS treatment system removes PFAS and precursors to levels which exceed all existing Australian benchmarks.

Removed PFAS is then chemically bonded to dry filters and media, then incinerated, minimising transport and storage risks and halting PFAS permeation.

Pumps United technical director James Sebbes called on environmental regulatory authorities and government departments to update the National Environmental Management Plan requirements for PFAS.

“PFAS contamination is putting human health in harm’s way,” he said.

“We want to see a higher standard mandated in PFAS treatment.

“No environmental or regulatory agency should accept anything less than clean water for their communities.

“We have the solution and we need tougher regulations and action on PFAS today if we want our children to have a healthy tomorrow.”

Pumps United PFAS treatment system.

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