Apr 26, 2019

Communities rally in support of coal

Communities rally in support of coal George Ah Wong and Tim Magoffin from mining services company Techserve are standing up for coal.

Isaac mayor Anne Baker has hit out at Bob Brown’s Stop Adani convoy, describing it as “an affront to the proud resource communities of Queensland”.

It comes as local community groups prepare to challenge anti-mining rhetoric in a rally in Mackay tomorrow to co-incide with the convoy journey through regional Queensland.

Resource Industry Network is organising the “For the Future of Our Region” rally and director Mick Crowe said a number of groups were ready to send a message about the significance of mining to regional Queensland.

The Stop Adani convoy’s ultimate destination is Clermont, within the Isaac local government area.

Cr Baker said Isaac Regional Council had sought to be a voice of reason, but the convoy was offensive.

“The convoy represents an attack our history, an attack on our lifestyle and an attack on our very future,” Cr Baker said.

Isaac Mayor Anne Baker.

“It is, in a word, offensive.

“What is also offensive is the deafening silence from the federal and state governments.

“It is about time they acknowledge the significant role that coal from this region’s 26 mines plays in contributing to the wealth and prosperity of this nation.

“Our council absolutely supports responsible, planned development in the resource industry.”

Mr Crowe said the local community was gravely concerned about the future of the mining industry, and 20,000 jobs in the Mackay district, if new coal mines were not developed.

“This is bigger than Adani. This is about the engine room of Central Queensland, all of the proposed mines in the Galilee Basin and an industry that underpins the economy of Queensland.

“We want politicians to be clear about what they support. “

Bob Brown Foundation accepted Cr Baker’s request for the parties for and against the Adani Mine to have a round table meeting today before the convoy enters Clermont. That meeting was underway late this afternoon.

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