Sep 28, 2016

Collinsville Coal shifts into gear

Collinsville Coal shifts into gear

There are signs of life at Collinsville Coal.

Some local workers made redundant by Glencore at its Collinsville Coal Mine have been contacted and offered their jobs back said Whitsunday division four regional councillor Peter Ramage.

The mine has been in ticking over since the start of the year following a staggered process of redundancies.

It seemed Collinsville Coal was being prepared to come back on line said Cr Ramage.

“Some of the locals including miners and drillers have been offered jobs so they are obviously gearing up for something. They’ve obviously secured orders,” Cr Ramage said.

“I know over a period of time they have been doing work on the prep plant and other machinery,” he said.

“We have quarterly industry development meetings that include Glencore and I had questions at our last meeting that couldn’t be answered.

“Everything is a help these days. If it keeps people housed locally it is good for the town and good for the region. I am hoping (that the mine comes back on line), but to what extent, I don’t know.”

‎Glencore replied saying they don’t comment on speculation and rumour relating to individual coal operations.

“As we outlined last December, Collinsville continues to operate at lower volumes as we remain focussed on cost containment and maintaining viability in an ongoing difficult economic climate,” said spokesman Francis De Rosa.

It looks like Glencore is trying to catch the incoming tide. The price of thermal coal was up more than 8 per cent in August over July to a 24 month high of $72.19US/tonne.

Glencore wound down operations earlier this year after incurring losses.

Collinsville Coal employed more than 150 staff at that time. Around 60 staff were left on the site to produce coal from in-pit inventories.

The mine back ups up to the town from the north west. There’s been mining on the lease since 1918.


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