Aug 04, 2020

Coal safety Board of Inquiry kicks off public hearings

Coal safety Board of Inquiry kicks off public hearings

The Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry is set to begin public hearings in Brisbane today.

The Board of Inquiry was established to investigate the serious accident at Grosvenor mine near Moranbah on May 6 in which five coal mine workers were injured.

It is also looking into various high potential incidents involving long-wall related exceedances of methane at Grosvenor mine, Grasstree mine, Moranbah North mine, and Oaky Creek mine between July 1 last year and May 5 2020.

The first tranche of public hearings will not concern the serious accident at Grosvenor mine or other incidents there.

Chairperson Terry Martin has previously stated that initial hearings will concern the role of the Mines Inspectorate, the role of the industry and site safety and health representatives.

They will investigate how the management structure and employment arrangements of the mining companies may impact on mine safety, as well as the methane exceedances at Grasstree, Moranbah North and Oaky North mines.

Witnesses to be called today are Resources Safety and Health Queensland heads including acting chief executive officer Mark Stone, Chief Inspector of Coal Mines Peter Newman and Regional Inspector of Mines Stephen Smith.

Below are the issues to be covered in hearings this week:

Week commencing 4 August 2020The role of the Inspectorate at Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) in the regulation of safety and health issues in Queensland coal mines.
The role played by Site and Industry Safety and Health Representatives and CFMMEU
The high potential incidents that occurred at Moranbah North, Grasstree and Oaky North Mines
  • A live stream broadcast of hearings will be available on the Inquiry’s website – click HERE to join