Apr 22, 2019

Coal conflict turns dark

Coal conflict turns dark Adani staff prepare for mining. They are the centre of controversy between activists, the union and owners.

Mine owners and unions have called on former Greens leader Dr Bob Brown to immediately repudiate reported claims from supporters of his anti-jobs tour that liken coal industry jobs to Nazis working in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

It’s come from Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane and CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland District President Stephen Smyth who said the reported comments were a shocking attack on hard-working Queenslanders and their families.

News Limited is reporting the supporters of former Greens Leader Dr Bob Brown’s anti coal convoy compared coal miners with Nazis.

While there was no specific reply on his website, Dr Brown said he “… repudiates offensive comments reported in the Murdoch press and that, ” offensive comments are taken down by our foundation …”

Those Queenslanders worked in skilled jobs to keep both the Queensland and Australian economies strong Mr Macfarlane said.

“Their work supports local jobs, boosts exports, pays royalty taxes for the Queensland Government to reinvest in schools and hospitals, and stimulates company taxes that the Australian Government can spend across the nation including Mr Brown’s home state of Tasmania,” he said.

“I cannot think of a more offensive comment for one Australian to call another.  Bob Brown needs to repudiate this rubbish – Brown needs to stick to the facts, and drop the disgusting attacks,” he said.

The Bob Brown anti-job convoy had already demonstrated hypocrisy with the vehicles dependent on steel made from metallurgical coal and electric vehicles powered by thermal coal generated through Queensland Government-owned efficient generators, Mr Smyth said.

“On behalf of those men and women working in our coal industry, Bob Brown should apologise for the attack on them by his supporters,” he said.

“Bob Brown is stirring up hysteria and these claims that jobs in Queensland coal mines are like Nazi gas chambers in World War Two are the bottom of the barrel.”

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