Dec 19, 2019

Christmas Q&A – John Downie

Christmas Q&A – John Downie

John Downie is managing director of Pure Minerals, which is driving plans for the Townsville Energy Chemical Hub. He joined iQ for a quick Christmas Q&A….

What was the greatest achievement or advance in your industry/organisation in the past year? Progressing the company’s Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) to a completed pre-feasibility stage with sound commercial metrics.

What was the greatest challenge or failing in your industry/organisation in the past year? The greatest challenge was related to energy availability and cost for the project. We are all unified and striving to utilise renewables as a significant energy source however the disincentives are considerable

What are your goals and expectations for 2020? Complete all the engineering, environmental, social and commercial hurdles required to achieve an outstanding definitive feasibility study and providing employment opportunities for people in the Townsville area.

How will you be spending the Christmas/New Year period? Somewhere with my wife on our 50th wedding anniversary (and getting into trouble for not making a booking).

What is the worst/funniest Christmas present you have ever received (or given)? A tattslotto ticket that won a lot of money for the recipient.

What is your favourite Christmas or New Year memory or tradition? Watching Melbourne trying to compete with Sydney fireworks from my brothers-in-law’s inner-city penthouse.

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