Aug 22, 2018

Charters Towers to host Miners Memorial Day service

Charters Towers to host Miners Memorial Day service Charters Towers is set to host the Miners Memorial Day service this year. Photo courtesy Townsville Enterprise Limited.

Charters Towers will host this year’s state Miners Memorial Day service on September 19.

The annual event coincides with the anniversary of Queensland’s worst mining disaster at Mount Mulligan, where 75 miners were killed in 1921.

Charters Towers Mayor Liz Schmidt said she felt honoured that Charters Towers had been chosen for this year’s memorial service.

“Given our mining history and the significance of mining in our region, it’s very fitting for Charters Towers to host the Miners Memorial Day service this year,” she said.

Jupiter Mosman (left) is credited with finding gold in Charters Towers when he was just a boy.  Photo supplied by The Charters Towers Archives.

“We are very honoured to be able to participate and to pay our respects to the men and women who have passed through mining tragedies. Members of our community have felt the pain and sorrow of losing someone through mining accidents.”

Charters Towers was founded when gold was discovered in 1871 by a young boy, Jupiter Mosman, who was part of a prospecting party.

Unfortunately, Charters Towers suffered the first gold mining accident in the state after a fire broke out which led to carbon monoxide poisoning of 7 miners and 1 rescuer in 1904. It is the largest loss of life in a mining accident in Charters Towers.

“Thankfully safety in mining has improved tremendously over the years, especially through automation and through remote controlled vehicles, however, there is still risk involved,” Cr Schmidt said.

“We are grateful to the men and women who take this risk every day, working in Queensland mines. The mining industry makes a significant contribution to our local economy, to Queensland and Australia.”

The Miners Memorial Day service is a free community event and open to anyone who would like to attend.

Event details:

10:30am, Wednesday 19 September 2018

Arthur Titley Centre, 101-105 Mosman Street, Charters Towers

RSVP Friday 7 September 2018 to: or 07 3199 8257





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