Dec 12, 2017

CEO’s study decision led to a degree of confidence

CEO’s study decision led to a degree of confidence Techserve chief executive officer Tim Magoffin has acquired a wealth of experience in three key industries.

With more than 30 years of experience, it’s fair to say there isn’t much Tim Magoffin hasn’t done in the mining, mineral processing and heavy engineering industries.
The chief executive officer of Mackay-based company Techserve had worked as a fire assayer, gold room operator, underground miner and shift supervisor before switching to the safety and training side of mining.
The last 12 years have seen his focus switch again to senior executive roles with a number of maintenance and heavy engineering businesses.
The 52-year-old father of three credits a decision he made relatively early in his career with providing the impetus for what he has gone on to achieve.
“I started an external business and commerce degree from Monash University in 1997 while I was working at the Eloise copper mine near McKinlay in north-west Queensland,” Mr Magoffin said.

“That was a really important decision because I knew it would help me down the track in my career.”
Mr Magoffin recalls that hitting the books after a long shift at the mine, while his colleagues relaxed, took plenty of discipline.
“I would be studying in my room with the door open while a few of my coworkers were sitting around having a few beers,” he said.
The sacrifice was well worth it, however, and Mr Magoffin believes earning his degree was a serious careerchanging moment.
“It meant that I wasn’t pigeon-holing myself and I could go on and tackle management roles,” he said.
Mr Magoffin has been with Techserve since January and also serves on the board of Mackay’s Resource Industry Network, which he joined over two years ago.

“The network plays a very important role in promoting the resources and mining industries across the Mackay region and we’ve got a great crosssection of members on the board,” he said. “We really play a big role as strong advocates for those industries.”
Away from the offi ce, sport is an important part of Mr Magoffin’s life.
The former Queensland schoolboys and under-19 cricketer is a regular umpire at his 14-year-old son’s games and is also president of the Mackay Road Runners.
While he jokingly says he is on his 350th comeback as a runner, he is more serious about what an organisation like Mackay Road Runners can do within the community.
“It’s a great club in terms of promoting health and fi tness, but we also do something much more important,” Mr Magoffin said. “Every year we host the BMA Mackay Marina Run and about 3000 runners take part, raising money for the Leukemia Foundation in Mackay.
“I’m extremely proud of that sort of contribution we can make as a community organisation.”

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