Nov 11, 2016

Callide wraps up major run of overhauls

Callide wraps up major run of overhauls Welding in the air heaters during the overhaul of Unit C3 at Callide Power Station.

The completion of a $20 million shutdown at CS Energy’s Callide Power Station complex later this month will cap off a heavy overhaul and maintenance program at the central Queensland site in 2016.

The Unit C3 overhaul is scheduled for completion on November 19 and follows the completion of the $31 million major overhaul of Unit B1 on September 21 and a nine-day summer readiness outage of Unit C4 in early September.

Callide Power Station general manager Roy Powell said CS Energy’s expenditure on overhauls reflected its commitment to the safe, reliable and efficient operation of its generation portfolio.

“Overhauls are typically carried out anytime between autumn and spring to ensure our generating units are available to run during the summer peak demand period,” Mr Powell said.


CS Energy overhaul specialist Mick Jorgensen inspects the Unit C3 low-pressure turbine diaphragm.


Callide Power Station general manager Roy Powell.

Mr Powell said the overhauls provided short-term employment opportunities for contractors with the skills and expertise required to undertake the maintenance and upgrades to the power station equipment.

“The major contractor for the C3 mini overhaul is MHPS Plant Services, who also worked on the B1 overhaul, and there were approximately 250 extra contractors on site during the overhaul’s peak,” Mr Powell said.

More than 97,000 hours have been worked on the Unit C3 overhaul since work began on 30 September.

The main overhaul works on Unit C3 included an economiser replacement, boiler clean, cooling water pump refurbishment, low pressure turbine rotor inspection and overhaul of the generator circuit breakers.

CS Energy owns Callide B and has a 50 per cent interest in Callide C, which together make up the Callide Power Station complex.

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