Jun 16, 2020

Callide land earmarked for hydrogen project

Callide land earmarked for hydrogen project

Renewable energy company Austrom Hydrogen says it has secured land in the Callide region suitable for a 3600MW solar-powered hydrogen facility.

The company is exploring partner opportunities domestically and internationally to advance the Pacific Solar Hydrogen project.

“We are very excited to be progressing our project at this time and in this industry, which has gained momentum in Australia,”director Tonny Jorgensen said.

“The technology for generating hydrogen more efficiently is evolving rapidly as is the demand for commercially produced quantities of green powered hydrogen production. 

“Along with contributing significantly to Australia’s export market and economy, this project will provide thousands of jobs, boosting regional economies and help foreign industry partners achieve their green hydrogen targets.”

In a release on the latest developments, Austrom Hydrogen said its had placed priority on securing suitable land to be able to generate enough in-house solar power and battery support to supply all the energy necessary for the large-scale hydrogen facility.

The Callide area was selected for the project due to its proximity to Gladstone Port and robust existing grid offering low line losses.

Austrom Hydrogen says its project has the potential to produce more than 200,000 tonnes hydrogen per year and create thousands of jobs.