Nov 19, 2019

Bridge display to build engineering engagement

Bridge display to build engineering engagement

The world’s largest Lego Suspension Bridge is making an appearance in Melbourne in a bid to get more people to engage with engineering.

The bridge was originally designed by the Institution of Civil  Engineers (ICE)  in the UK to celebrate their 200th year anniversary and is in Melbourne to be part of World Engineering Convention (WEC) and 100th year anniversary for Engineers Australia.

The structure is 34m long, stands 3.5m tall and is made 262,550 individual plastic LEGO bricks.

The Monash MITI (Monash Industry Team Initiative) Program has brought the massive bridge to Melbourne where it has been built by MITI multidisciplinary student teams, Monash alumnae and staff. 

Victoria’s Chief Engineer, Dr Collette Burke, believes the bridge highlights innovation, creativity and ingenuity whilst harnessing the beauty and skill applied by engineers and the pivotal role they play in society. 

“I’m really passionate about attracting young people to engineering. This was a perfect opportunity to engage young people and pique their interest through bringing the world’s largest LEGO bridge to Australia for the first time,” she said. 

“We want to ignite their interest using conventional and unconventional approaches to highlight how engineering is part of everyday life and set them on the path to be a future engineer. “

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