Nov 29, 2019

Better bucket brings kudos for Austin Engineering

Better bucket brings kudos for Austin Engineering

Austin Engineering unveiled its award-winning two-piece excavator bucket in Mackay this week.

The liner-less bucket design won the People’s Choice award and was second overall at this month’s Swedish Steel Prize event.

Austin Engineering was one of four finalists recognised for ground- breaking engineering, cooperation and steel innovations.

“The two-piece excavator bucket is a game changer” said Austin managing director Peter Forsyth.

“It is safe and reliable and can reduce the total ownership cost of an excavator bucket by 25-30 percent.”

The two-piece bucket has been trialed this year in a Western Australian nickel mine and has been commercially available for about three months.

The two-piece bucket features a reusable upper section and consumable lower structure, designed for quick and safe bucket change-outs during scheduled maintenance intervals.

The reusable upper section has been designed to maintain overall structural integrity of the assembly for a predetermined service life through multiple change-outs of the lower, consumable, section.

Both sections of the bucket are fabricated with combinations of high-strength steel for maximum fatigue resistance and durability.

According to the company, typical baseline service life for the upper section will be about 30,000 hours; about 4-5 years based on industry expectations of conventional one-piece buckets of similar size and capacities.

Six have been sold to date, with the Mackay launch marking the first to be delivered on the eastern seaboard.

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