Mar 25, 2019

Back to business at McArthur River Mine

Back to business at McArthur River Mine

Operations are returning to normal today at Glencore’s McArthur River Mine and Bing Bong loading facility in the Northern Territory following Cyclone Trevor.

A company spokesman said zinc processing resumed yesterday and mining operations were gearing up as personnel returned to site.

“At Bing Bong, our staff and the crew of the MV Aburri returned to work yesterday afternoon,” he said. “Haulage operations from MRM to Bing Bong have recommenced.”

Glencore suspended operations at McArthur River Mine on Friday and Cyclone Trevor made landfall on Saturday as a Category 4 system, crossing the coast about 100km south-east of Port McArthur.

The company said its workforce had remained safe and infrastructure and water management systems were in excellent condition. 

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