Jun 23, 2019

Anti-ice movement mobilises in Far North Queensland

A new Walk Against Ice event will be held in Cairns as part of the Australian Anti Ice Campaign’s launch into Far North Queensland.

The Combined Rotary Clubs of Cairns and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce have partnered with AAIC for the event.

The Rotary Clubs have also provided direct financial sponsorships towards the cost of AAIC’s High School Anti Ice Education Workshops, which are scheduled to re-commence in Far North Queensland high schools this week.

The workshop presenters are all people like AAIC founder and chief executive officer Andre’a Simmons, who have recovered from methamphetamine (‘ice) addiction.

AAIC founder Andre’a Simmons.

At 40, Andre’a, a mother of two teenage daughters and a successful businesswoman, was going through a marriage separation and was offered an ice pipe on the basis the “It will just help you relax ”.

She quickly spiralled into a two-year, $500-a-day ice habit that nearly took her life.

Ice addiction is a living hell, a scary place that very few people ever fully escape from. Myself and all our workshop presenters are among the lucky ones who have escaped and we are committed to using our experiences to warn others, particularly our youth, so that they can make better choices if and when this insidiously addictive and destructive drug is offered to them,” Ms. Simmons said.

Ms Simmons expressed her extreme gratitude for the assistance of Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce in bringing the AAIC message to Far North Queensland.

This is a community problem that requires a community response. For us partnerships with respected and trusted organizations that care about their community is critical. The support we have received in Far North Queensland has been amazing.” she said.

The inaugural Cairns Walk against Ice will be held on the Cairns Esplanade at 8am on September 15.

Other FNQ towns, including Innisfail, Mareeba and Mossman will also host similar Walk against Ice events on the same day, again, with the assistance of the local Rotary Clubs in those towns.

More at https://www.australianantiicecampaign.org.au/