Jan 20, 2020

Anglo helps medical service spread the love in CQ

Anglo helps medical service spread the love in CQ Heart of Australia Founder Dr Rolf Gomes and CEO of Anglo American’s metallurgical coal business Tyler Mitchelson announce a new partnership that will expand specialist medical services across Central Queensland.

Heart of Australia and Anglo American have announced a new, three-year partnership to expand specialist medical services in Central Queensland.

The $1 million partnership will support Heart of Australia in delivering specialist services to the towns of Moura, Banana, Theodore and Middlemount for the first time ever from this year.

Specialist services currently being delivered by Heart of Australia include cardiology, gynaecology, neurology, gastroenterology, urology sleep studies, respiratory services, and endocrinology.

Heart of Australia Founder and cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes welcomed the partnership and acknowledged Anglo American’s support for the vision of equitable access to healthcare for all Australians.

“This new partnership is a great example of like-minded organisations coming together to deliver tangible outcomes for our regional communities,” Dr Gomes said.

“We are very pleased to be entering this partnership with Anglo American, which supports our big-picture efforts while also providing direct services to the local communities of Moura, Banana, Theodore and Middlemount.

“Every time we expand our services to a new location, we have the potential to change and save lives for the community who live there. People who have often gone without specialist services for years, or who have needed to travel hundreds of kilometres at significant expense to access them.”

Anglo American metallurgical coal business chief executive officer Tyler Mitchelson said the company had seen the benefits of Heart of Australia’s services first-hand in Moranbah, where two of its mines were located.

“…It was important to us to see these services made available to the rest of the communities where we operate – Moura, Banana, Theodore and Middlemount,” he said.

“Supporting thriving communities is a key pillar of our global Sustainable Mining Plan, and this partnership provides a meaningful way for us to better support the people who live and work in the Bowen Basin.”

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