Aug 25, 2016

Mining hurt by city-based bias

Mining hurt by city-based bias

Policy made to appease the ill-formed masses based in large metropolitan centres is against the national interest.

Controversial academic Professor Ian Plimer will make that case at tomorrow night’s (26 August) 37th Sir George Fisher lecture in Townsville.

Professor Plimer gained notoriety for his unstinting views challenging the notion of human-induced climate change.

Policy decisions reflecting attitudes of the concetration of voters in big cities were hurting the development of Australia’s primary industries, the Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne said.

Sovereign risk had multiplied as as result of the abuse of mining approvals processes and bureaucratic red tape, Professor Plimer said.

Professor Plimer, a geologist, has held head-of-school positions at both the Universities of Melbourne and Newcastle.

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