Jan 15, 2018

Lithium process gets patent approval

Lithium process gets patent approval

The patent process for an Australian system for extracting lithium from waste materials has moved to the next level.

The Australian Patent Office has given Lithium Australia’s SiLeach® technology the green light. It’s a process for extracting and recovering lithium ‘values’ from lithium-bearing materials,

It’s a step towards international recognition.

According to the company, The Australian Patent Office has deemed the process both ‘novel and inventive’ and said it met the requirements for ‘Industrial Applicability’.

‘In so doing, it has confirmed that the SiLeach® process is patentable, paving the way for the grant of corresponding patents for the SiLeach® process around the world’, said Lithium Australia managing director Adrian Griffin.

“In February 2017, Lithium Australia submitted an international patent application for the SiLeach® process under the Patent Cooperation Treaty administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation,” Mr Griffin said.

“A rigorous ‘preliminary’ examination of the patent claims conducted by the Australian Patent Office ensued, leading to confirmation in the International Preliminary Report on Patentability – which acts as a persuasive guide to national and regional patent offices– that the SiLeach® process is indeed ‘Novel, Inventive, Industry Applicable and Patentable’.”

Lithium Australia’s international patent application for its SiLeach® technology ensures pending patent protection in 148 countries.

The grant of patents for SiLeach® will bolster Lithium Australia’s desire to create greater sustainability in the lithium industry by capitalising on the abundance of lithium-bearing waste materials, said Mr Griffin.

“It will also dovetail perfectly with our interest in VSPC cathode production technology, giving us the ability to process mine waste right through to the production of battery cathodes. Currently, no other company has the tools required to achieve this sustainability goal,” he said.

Lithium Australia, a dedicated developer of disruptive lithium extraction technologies, owns 100% of the SiLeach® process for the recovery of lithium from all silicates.

Moreover, Lithium Australia has strategic alliances with, and investments in, a number of companies that potentially provide it with access to a diversified lithium mineral inventory. Lithium Australia aims to unite resources and the best available technology and in so doing establish a global lithium processing business.

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