Sep 18, 2018

Adani owns up to ‘paperwork’ error on Carmichael clearing

Adani owns up to ‘paperwork’ error on Carmichael clearing Site clearing at the Carmichael lease area.

Adani says it has notified the Department of Environment and Science of an administrative error relating to the  2017/2018 Annual Return for the Carmichael mine.

Areas on the mining lease that were disturbed during the final three-and-a-half weeks of the annual return period should have been included, and exploration disturbance prior to the reporting period should have been carried across, the company said

“We have now provided this information to the regulator and have released it publicly. Critically, we can confirm that all physical works that have occurred onsite to date are Stage 1 project activities related to geological sampling and ground water investigations, which are permitted under our Environmental Authority,” the company said in written statement today.

“We identified this reporting error and notified the regulator. We have also made improvements to our procedures to ensure administrative errors of this nature do not occur in the future.”

Adani said the permitted activities that occurred during a three-and-a-half week period between March 9 and April 2  2018 were:

• Clearing of land for drill pads and access tracks for six ground water test bores and five ground water monitoring bores. The land is on the Moray Downs pastoral lease, which is owned by Adani.

• Clearing of a narrow vehicle access track for each bore to give access to a drill rig and support vehicles and an area less than the size of a tennis court around the drill hole, which is required as a workplace safety precaution.

The statement came after environmental group Coast and Country raised the alarm after obtaining high resolution satellite and drone imagery which it said showed  groundwater bores drilled without approval.


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