Jan 24, 2019

Adani moves ahead with access road work

Adani moves ahead with access road work

Adani Mining says it has started roadworks for the Carmichael mine site under current legal approvals.

Work has commenced on grid by-passes, which will allow larger machinery and equipment to be transported to site.

Adani Mining chief executive officer Lucas Dow said the works were permitted under its current approvals and would also benefit future mines in the Galilee Basin.

“The road upgrades are an important step to prepare for the construction of the Carmichael project to ensure larger equipment can be transported to site, and the infrastructure meets future demand for increased traffic,” Mr Dow said.

Adani Mining chief executive officer Lucas Dow .

“We’re getting on with doing everything we can under our current approvals.

“In terms of getting started on the mine, we have submitted our remaining management plans. In relation to the approval of these plans and getting started, we have certainty of process and timing at both the Federal and Local Government levels however the Queensland Government has to date been unwilling to commit.”

With thousands of jobseekers ready to start work, Mr Dow said it was frustrating when the Queensland Government continued to move the goal posts and make changes at the 11th hour, to what should be standard approval processes.

Adani has now appointed a number of contractors and suppliers including two Wangan and Jagalingou certified businesses, opening up employment opportunities for Indigenous communities.

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