Dec 28, 2016

2017 mining outlook from Mount isa

2017 mining outlook from Mount isa

“2017 will hopefully be a positive start for the mining industry after a hard couple of years. This has started with a number of drill rigs being transported through the mineral province, because without exploration we don’t have a future in mining.

With news pending of a couple of sites in the feasibility stage and development of the MMG Dugald River Mine and, of course, the first shipment of ore from CuDeco (Rocklands copper mine), again this sets a positive vibe for the business houses in the North West Mineral Province.

I don’t want to give any false hope of seeing what we experienced a few years ago – that is gone – but there is a different outlook from the community heading into 2017.

Issues we could face in the short term could be a good wet.

But again it is something we need and that puts another positive spin on the future of Mount Isa and the surrounding towns in the North West Mineral Province.

I have been asked why I live in Mount Isa. I love the industry and there is nowhere else I would rather live.”

– Brett Peterson, Mount Isa Mining Supplies

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