Mar 06, 2019

Major Gladstone projects to be showcased

Major Gladstone projects to be showcased Developers Easton Estate are planning a $2 billion tourism project on Hummock Hill Island off Gladstone.

More than $3 billion worth of potential and approved projects will be highlighted at tomorrow’s Gladstone Engineering Alliance’s industry update.

Eaton Estate, developers of the Pacificus Tourism Project on Hummock Hill Island, will present their $2 billion project for the first time since the Queensland Co-ordinator approved it.

Eaton Estate director Peter Scarf believes the project will create a new major tourism destination for the Gladstone region and the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Australian Future Energy will also present their $1 billion Gladstone Energy and Ammonia Project, which will use above-ground coal gasification technology, utilising low-value unmarketable coal.

The project, which proposes to convert low-quality coal into ammonia and domestic gas, is set to be built in the Gladstone State Development Area, near Yarwun, with construction expected to start in mid-2020.

“Both projects have the potential to generate a significant amount of opportunities throughout the entire Gladstone community,” GEA chief executive office Julie Gelder said.

“Estimates from Eaton Estate predict construction will directly create an average of 190 jobs on the island per year over the development period and, across the wider Gladstone region, the project is expected to create an average of 260 jobs per year.

“Australian Future Energy’s proposed project is expected to take two years to build and is tipped to create 1000 jobs, with a construction workforce of 800 and an ongoing workforce of 200 for 30 years.”

This month’s industry update will start at 7.30am tomorrow at the Yarala Sports Club.

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